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Originally Posted by silkzipp View Post
I know there is a forum on this site that deals with starting up a business, but they are not specfic to Ontario. Since I found this thread, I'm hoping that you can help me with the procedure involved. I have done lawn maintenace, fertilizing, planting etc. for the past few years, but would like to register the business now. I obviously have to register the business name, but is a business permit/license necessary? Does PST or GST have to be collected or remitted and if so on what purchases or sales or services. Just a few of the questions I have. Any and all help and guidence would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

No permits or licenses unless you are appling fertilizers, I do recommend business insurance though. Only GST on services needs to be collected, and pst on and goods sold however I dont usually mess with the PST and just include the materials in the cost of the job.

Originally Posted by musclecarboy View Post
Since we're on the topic...

I only had personal coverage on my truck but somehow my insurance company found out and they canceled my policy "for underwriting purposes". The cancellation won't effect me negatively, but I do need new insurance. My question is, will it be possible to get commercial auto coverage even though I'm only 17? Thanks guys.

I am not sure however try this company:

They do all the landscape insurance for landscape ontario so they know what they are talking about. How on earth did ur company find out though?

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