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hh trailer

This past saturday i went to the local hh dealership and found what i want. They had a 8.5x12 a 5x10 and even a little 5x8 golf cart trailer. I told the guy what i would be using it for and he told me he would suggest the golf cart trailer because the olny thing i will have on any of the trailers for the next 3 or 4 years are my 2 mowers 36in metro and 21 toro self propel. I didnt think that was a bad idea but i really liked that 12 foot. But that brings me to prices i thought they where kind of high he wanted 1600 for the 12 ft 1300 for the 10 ft and 725 for the 8 ft. And at the hh factory they want about 300 dollars less then here. So would you say go in a try to offer less or just pay what they want. Thanks
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