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I am glad I found this website. I was laid off in January. I been doing some yards on the side the last 3 years and decided this was the opportunity for me to jump into this business for real. I set up LLC, set up business bank acct, filing with city and looking into insurance. Trying to make it all legit. I have lots of hand tools, a junk home mower and a '90 Dakota with more than 200K mi. Last year I bought a Stihl FS90R trimmer. I was talking with a local dealer a couple days ago about a Honda 21" commercial for $1250. Gotta make some money to invest in some quality equipment.
MFS - I intend to get set up with a website, but equipment is on the top of my needs list. Those are some great pics on your site. I need the equip and experience (clients) to make yards look like that.
Lawnbutch - I would love to see what your Snapper does. I've never worked a 32". I know I need a quality 21" for the residential I'm starting with.
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