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Originally Posted by gat341 View Post

I am in need of a replacement engine for my Hahn Eclipse mower. I know it has been 12+ years since you got yours but where did you get it? Mine now has a 3.5 hp as the origonal died long ago. Otherwise, I wonder if it could be overhauled?

Sorry Greg, but I don't think you'll be able to find a replacement any more. When I got mine in the early 1990s, I was told that what I got was the last of them and that no other 3.5HP could be used as a substitute because the power-take-off was a unique design. But if you want to look, however, what I bought is:

Model 96982
Type 5050-01
Code 85060304

I presume that it should be possible to rebuild the engine. Rings, bearings, valves and even a cylinder should be available if needed.

Mine still runs, by the way. But I drained the gas and stored in a dry place after I bought my Quick36. I may never again use it, but I bought those tires for it since I anticipated that I'd never again have an opportunity to do so again. Still haven't mounted them yet, but they are ready should I ever need them.
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