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Originally Posted by fiveoboy01 View Post
Nice job... I see you have a different truck than you had last year? Did you keep the old one or give it the boot?
No its the same old truck. Just updated the front end over the winter. Thanks!

Originally Posted by syzer View Post
There is the 705, 1208, 1216, 1222, 1240 etc. Carrying 7 yards, 8, 16, 22, etc. They are all loaded with skid steers. We run the 1216 on an international 4900. We can load ours with about 20 yards when heaped up. We can run the truck literally with one person all day and put about 20 yards in 1.25-3 hours depending on if they are large beds, little beds, spaced close, or far, hills, or not, etc.

Its def smart to have a towel on your shoulder the hose can kick your butt, and its much easier to have a second guy on the hose. When there is a 2nd guy, its not hard work at all on the nozzle. However if you are shoveling 80 yards of mulch into that hopper, but the end of the day, you will be dead!

The guys who have the 308 here also use skids to load it, unless they are running small jobs.
Yes he has a CAT skidsteer that he brings to the larger jobs. He's still kinda young in his late 20's so he's working his way up. First season with the blower.
Originally Posted by pclawncare View Post
I would say something about this not looking efficient but look at the pics of the bark blower and the truck thats some serious money obviously he is doing something right somewhere
I think he's doing ok and he has alot of other equipment including a Hydroseeder, 20' Haulmark enc. trailer, 2 walkers, CAT skidsteer, 2005 F-350 diesel, handtools firewood equipment, plows... the list goes on.
Originally Posted by Marek View Post
Pulling and dragging that hose will kick your butt by the end of the day. Its still a 2 man operation if you have to use any amount of hose. We loaded ours with a skid on larger jobs. They are nice machines, but very expensive to maintain. They are great on bigger beds but tree rings arent worth fooling with. Someone who has some time on the machine can make good time, but someone new will make more of a mess than its worth. We ran into alot of dust problems for a while. Awsome machine for top dressing. Syzer if you can get into some of the jobs in AA county, your machine can pay for its self quickly.They wont release a grading bond until there is 85-90 percent coverage.
Yeah they did the 5 trees with a wheel barrow. Even this rig saves alot of time its still rigorous work.
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