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260K repower with Vanguard info

Originally Posted by Madair View Post
Where did you find a muffler for the vanguard engine? Also what is the exact model number for the vanguard engine. I have a 260K and need a new engine.
The numbers on my Vanguard engine model is 351777 type 1036-A1 code 95012311. You can download the entire parts manual from the Briggs website. I used a Briggs part number 691501 exhaust manifold for parts because it was the cheapest one on eBay and I knew I was going to cut it up anyway. The manifold came with a 692099 muffler. I fit it nicely in front of the motor and added a exhaust deflector to direct the exhaust downward. The Vanguard uses a 1 inch crankshaft instead of the 1&1/8 inch that you have. The length is 3&5/32 still though. I believe the part number for the pulley from Hustler that is needed is 520643 and the 1 inch spacer 008532 is also needed. The cables are also longer and I got generic ones at my local lawnmower shop. The wiring took some work too but i got my machine as a basket case and a lot of that was missing anyway. It is pretty simple though.

I have had a chance to do some mowing with this set-up and the engine works great, plenty of power and very smooth and quiet. I love the 260K it mows great and the Bac Pac catcher is sweet.

Good luck: Mike
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