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Cheesecake Factory sounds good right about now!

I spoke with the company that towed my truck and currently has it in storage. I was talking to them about parting the truck and working with insurance etc......which obviously they're knowledgeable.

Insurance looks at the truck tomorrow and I hope to hear then what they'll give me for it. The towing company says that buy back is typically 10% of what they value the truck and that even that can be haggled down. So all in all, I may end up buying the truck back just to get the SNG off as I have someone interested in the hoist. No BIG dea fixing that. My dump body is just fine and not to mention the $1200 winch. I will be going hydro with my new SNG.....or so I plan, vs the electric so that I have more power.

I'm also going to talk to the owner of another company that has a totalled International. His cab is destroyed, well mine is in perfect shape.

We'll see, all one big waiting game.

The 4500 is getting an alignment today but I'll get some pics up before too long. Its nice but I need to add underbody boxes. It has a behind the cab box currently and the guys that built the bed did a heck of a job, very nice.

Time to run some more errands, in the rain.......we're only 5 days behind schedule now with this rain we've been receiving and being minus a truck I would be hit hard without the 4500. Please Lord, let me keep that truck between the lines!
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