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Originally Posted by Mowingman View Post
I would be more than a little careful about buying a Great Dane branded machine. The company has been sold twice in the last few years. First, to JD. Then, a year or so ago, to Everide. Distributors, dealers,machine models, and parts flow are all in a state of change. Our distributor does not even know what machines are Everide design, and what machines are the old Great Dane design. Nor does anyone seem to know if Great Dane machines will continue to be produced. If so, they may nor be the same machines you see now. In other words, there is a very good chance that you are buying an orphan machine that will not be very well supported in a year or so.
Then again, maybe nothing will change, but, you are taking a big risk.
Ariens bought the assets of Auburn Consolidated Industries (ACI) who before they went under owned Everride and Great Dane. Apparently Ariens had a bunch of Gravely Pro Stance units that were already paid for that were not delivered when they went under.
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