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Originally Posted by DanaMac View Post
Oh now it's on brotha.

Jealous? You need a bigger cowboy hat for that inflated noggin of yours. Texans overcompensate their affection for Texas. Hugely populated cities? Colorado gets overrun at the ski resorts with Texans because they can't stand the flat lands any more. And those disappearing valves in the yard on a mainline? and licensing? And... And... you stole a classic hockey team many years ago. puh-leeeeze. yeah we're real jealous.

Hey, you started it. I'm just playin' along
I know. We Texans love to hear Texas bashing. To us its water off a duck's back. Better to be hated than ignored.

Lot of CA people in CO as well. Doesn't Striesand have a place in Aspen? How Gross. We'll never have to worry about B.S. coming to Texas.
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