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Good start to your site. I have a few suggestions that may be useful regarding search engines ....

i). Remove that java code ... its unneccessary and the search engine spiders may 'fall over' it and not index the content on your site at all. It doesnt really matter if someone 'right clicks' your page.

ii). Incorporate the splash page into your main page because there is virtually no 'content' on the splash page. (I love the oval photo though). Splash pages are 'out' :-)

iii). Find out about 'meta data' and add some to your site. Pay great attention to the 'Title' and 'Description' as this is important for search engines. A good idea is to get some keywords in them both. ("Lawn care maintainence by Piasa Clipper" is a suggestion for the title and then a cut down version of the text on your welcome.html page for the 'Description'). There is also a meta tag for 'keywords'. Dont spam this data just use the important words that appear on youre first page.

iv). Dont submit the site to the search engines before its finished. No broken links and no under construction stuff.

v). One excellent point is the page size ... real small so try to keep it that way with not too many big graphics. (If surfers are waiting 5 secs for a page to load you can start to lose about 10% per second who go elsewhere after that point).

vii). Content is king. Build another page a week!

Hope this is of some use and that it is taken as good encouragement cos thats how its meant :-)


(PS. Ditch the counter at the bottom too :-))
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