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Premo, the way I understand the IRS pub, you don't have to keep the equipment gas and truck gas seperated. You simply have to have a record of the date, place of purchase, and # of gallons purchased for equipment. Your credit card receipts take care of that.

When I put gas in equipment, I'll write the # of gallons on the actual credit card receipt. When I input that into QB, I write those equipment gallons in the memo line. Not the memo line between 'Amount' and 'Customer:Job', but in the general memo line in the middle of the screen.

By doing this, at the end of the quarter or year, I can pull up a report filtering out everything except gasoline purchases, get my total gallons on equipment, and supply this figure to my accountant. As long as you hang onto those receipts, which you do anyway, that's all the record you need for equipment gas. I'm sure there are alot of ways to do the same thing, but this is my way. Hope it helps.
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