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These threads didn't have much useful info?

Then maybe you should do now what you should have done in the first place. Ask a specific question. The question you pose is impossibly broad, like asking, 'tell me everything you know about trucks.' It appears you are belittling the efforts of the many members who have come before you by stating that there wasn't anything in those threads of use to you. I found the info to be incredibly helpful.

I think you'd find people would be much more willing to spend time to give you a response if you were to demonstrate that you've done a little homework yourself, and not just asked for a handout. Have some respect for the people who have taken time to give free advice here, and read what they've written, and ask articulate, specific questions. You'll find people more than willing to offer a great deal of help - just don't treat them like they owe you.

And you can use the 'other site' if you like, but if you do a little homework, I think you'll find me there, too.
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