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This is what I'm struggling with now... as we go from "3.5" crews to 4 crews this year within the company (one construction and 2.5 maintenance crews now, going to three full time maintenance crews - for a total of 11 guys over four crews), looking to be at 4.5 to 5.0 next year.

I'm struggling with the job responsibility issue. If you give him the ability to hire/fire, than their people management skills have to be excellent, as you entrust the future of your company with their decisions. Otherwise, a strong right hand man can provide good job supervision, but would have to be open about communicating employee concerns if you're not there to get them first hand.

I am looking to make my right hand man, a senior foreman, flexible with his scheduling so he can work around to the various properties and give feedback as to how they are being maintained, yet remain as billable as possible. I do not want him to become overhead.

With respect to sales, I don't have a training program established... or guidelines for how/what to sell. I will have to use him as a guinea pig in some ways to see what I have to teach, as I have just learned through experience over the last 15 years. I don't want to just throw things at him. However, our foreman do upsell to the customers on their routes. So, they are selling now - but just not new sales.

Tough question... I'd be interested to hear how people use supervisors to watch over foreman. What type of job responsibilities are they given? How do you monitor their progress? How do you evaluate their performance?
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