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Thanks to all of you who posted very helpful information. I just wanted you all to know that I have been lurking here for quite a long time and have only recently been posting questions. Again, THANK YOU. We all are aware of the search feature are we not? Sometimes, given time, new people and perspectives we need to ask questions regardless of the search feature. I did a search on a different topic the other day and it took several hours to gleen information related to my search. Sometimes, there is TOO MUCH IRRELEVENT information. No one needs to remind us of the search feature and if someone takes it personal that we even ask, then I guess there isn't room here for new people? Maybe that's why there is another forum to pose questions where "use the search" is not repeated by the hall monitors. I'm sure there are numerous people who have been offended by someone, who, instead of helping, decided to throw that phrase at him. Those new guys may have left for a more open and helpful forum. If you have a big business and are making tons of money, don't let the new, little people hold you up. Just remember, we don't need you. As far as I know, the green industry does not revolve around you and has been growig at an incredible pace before you came.
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