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Yeah, watch that promote from within stuff. Some guys just wanna do the same old same old and look like deer in the headlights when faced with the sole task of managing others and sales.

I've had 2 guys in the last 2 years that turned down the opportunity. One, I called his bluff because he wanted more money so I said he needed to take more responsibility. When I outlined what I expected for the big, fat dollars he was gone to a place where he could just work more OT as a foremen. Didn't want him anyhow.

The other guy ha sbeen here since '83 and said he was happy the way things are now. I had asked him about more winter work contcting property managers, companies, past leads and exisiting customers about fert & irrigation.

I find it difficult to sell and manage more than 4 crews. Three is comfortable considering the nature of our business is all small work such as fert programs, alittle mowing one day, irrigation service and some installs of varying sizes.

If I were to grow with a full time manager we'd have to double our operation to 6-7 crews to support him.
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