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Your problem is a Kawasaki design problem. The year of your engine had no oil passage going dirctly to the top bearing. it was the last spot to get oil. If it ever was run low, or did'nt get the new style dipstick that was set up for the extra oil, these blocks will do it all day long. if it gets low, it will happen again eventually. If you bought a new style case and took all your internals and transfered them over, there is a direct passage from the oil pump to the bushing in the new series block. Kawasaki's take on this is if the motor was never run low on oil, customer would'nt have this problem. What color is your dipstick.? If it ever got hot, the dipstick will change from a yellow to a tan/ brown color. Kawasaki used these plastic dipsticks just to determine the engine temp by the color of the dipstick.
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