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For the sake of getting bashed on here, I'm now a dealer for the past 7 years, and worked as a service manager for a few years before that. In my previous life, I was a lawn rat and cut mansions (Eminum's house was one), did low voltage lighting, irrigation work, pond installs, ect. ect. So I've been around the block a few times. My info is from trying to get some warranty coverage from Kawasaki on some of these blocks. Just FYI, they have'nt helped out yet. Blocks within the last 4 years are'nt affected as they changed the design. The issue is with the older design, and the guys that only put 100 or so hours on the machine a year. Now out of warranty, but problems creep up with the top bushing. Now the flywheel is moving around, so timing is erratic, starting to run ruff, ect.
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