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Originally Posted by herberg View Post
Fluid Film - My new favorite rust inhibitor / bolt loosener / dash polisher / tire dressing / and aftershave. Kidding on the last one, but seriously after my sample can I've been hooked. I bought a gallon of the Fluid Film bulk and have been putting it on everything. I have been using one of those sponge paint brushes, it works ok, but can get messy. The tri-vantage deck on my Exmark was great before, now it's even better. Haven't had to clean it out since I put the Fluid Film on. I've dressed all my tires with it, and they stay nice and shiny (doesn't attract dirt like that other tire dressing). Heck, I even coated my shovels with it, you'd swear they dig better than ever. Gave everything a quick brushing after sharpening, and now my spare blades don't rust while waiting for the current set to dull. If only i had a cleaner and easier way to apply it.....
Sounds good, now just post a pic!
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