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Originally Posted by soloscapeman
Can I leave a sign that says if you trespass past this point you will be shot. Or I will shoot your legs.
Sure you can. It would be stupid to, in this country you are free to be as stupid as you want. Here's the reasons it would be stupid.

1. You should never threaten to do something you won't do. If you don't intend to shoot a trespasser on sight then it does not make any sense to threaten them.

2. If you do plan to shoot a trespasser on sight you need to be prepared to deal with the consequences. For example, if you shoot and miss and they pull a piece and don't miss, then you are injured, disabled or dead. If you shoot them and they are unarmed, you need to understand that you will face criminal consequences. In civilized society, you can only use deadly force if you or others are directly threatened. Just entering your property doesn't make it a threat to your life. (your locked house is a different matter) If they do happen to be armed and up to no good and you waste them, then good for you, you've done the world a favor. Hopefully the proscecutor's office will see things your way, otherwise it's jail time.
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