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Stolen & Torched!

My brother's F-350 was stolen from a field this after noon, the jackass smashed the window, seeing the loose change, and then rummaged through the storage box, noticed a set of keys, and made off with the truck.

He phoned the Police, shortly after filing the report on the scene, the officer told him the truck was found.

Brother- "So where was it found?"

Police- "Langley".

Brother- "So was the aluminum tank ripped off and radio gone?"

Police- "No, but the local Fire Department is also there."

Brother- "WHAT?!?!?"

Police- "Sorry sir, but it sounds like it was torched"

Brother- (I can't post such vulgar language here)

So he lost an entire tank of fuel, both the equipment tank (Tidy Tank) and the truck tank itself gone, aluminum storage box with a pile of hand tools, all the spare keys and his cheque books. He's pissed right now. Even trying to tell him that insurance will cover this, it's still not consoling him, I think this was his favourite truck.
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