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I spend a lot of time trying to systemize things, and with some success, but it isn't easy. First of all we do mostly installations. We are the ones people call when it's complicated, so every job is different. So little things are systemized- how to load trucks, where to put time slips, what truck to take for what materials, what tools to take to a certain job...
The problem is- this system thing is bigger than me. I have a manual, but it's almost impossible to make the guys read it much less live by it. The first time the guys see me or their forman give an inch on a system they trash the whole thing.
Here's an example- My rule come to work dressed and stay dressed. Wear your shirt all day even if it's hot. Well I show up to the job and everybody (even the foreman) is dressed like Tarzan. It turns out the homeowner asked them to take their shirts off- I guess it gave her a thrill. no big deal I thought... for the rest of the season I was bustin' these guys without their shirts. Almost like they had the rule backwards. I could start firing guys, but they were too talented. Instead, I put up with it.
I'm not giving up on systems though- I think they are the keyto my future success.
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