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Originally Posted by N.H.BOY View Post
Damn I STILL love that truck.. That will be my second truck if I dont get a used dump.
Way to many people are hitting on my truck but thanks for the comment.
Originally Posted by Matts lawn care View Post
Happy Birthday! Is it just me or did you recently paint the side boards? anyhow they look great! I wish I had a place to dump besides the landfill.
No i didn't paint the sideboards recently or even this year. Where i dump it gets turned back into loam and then sold to the nursery where i buy my mulch, loam and plants.

Originally Posted by lifetree View Post
Nice equipment !! Both the Walker and the Wright Stander do very nice work ... congratulations on having everything paid off.
Thanks. its a good combo
Originally Posted by Lawn Enforcer View Post
Wow, you were not kidding when you said you have a lot of pics!

Looks great!

Thanks kiddo ya i'll have plenty more.
Originally Posted by Runner View Post
Looking great, and keep up the nice work! It is shots like these that inspire many people to do the best they can. Happy birthday!
Always trying to improve, thanks for the support.
Originally Posted by musclecarboy View Post
Wow you guys like the mulch down there. I hardly see people using it here. Nice setup though!
O ya huge business here doing mulch.
Originally Posted by farmerkev View Post
That last property should invest more in the lawn than mulch right now, but luckliy for you, thats not the case, unless you do their lawn also.
I'm working with the owner on possibly doing some lawn renovation there now. Nobody lives there and the house will be going on the market. I do the lawn mowing too.
Originally Posted by CandCLandscaping View Post
very nice, you have come a long way from that cart and toro walk behind!!!
Yeah i sure have, guess you've been watching me.
Originally Posted by Danielslawnservice View Post
very nice (borat voice)
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