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Originally Posted by Petr51488 View Post
Nice Equipment! Just curious though. I assume you bag your grass. I do the same, and have the same problem. Do you have to dump your clippings before you're able to do any mulch jobs? I keep all my clippings in my dump trailer. I get about 10 yards of clippings in 2 weeks. I buy most of my mulch by the pallet (bags) simply because its easier to handle, and unload. The only way i benefit with bulk mulch is when i do 10+ yards.. Otherwise it's not worth saving 50 or so bucks. Looks good, keep it up. I would invest in a dump trailer. Once you get one, you'll wonder how you ever got along without it. I love mine.
I do bag grass sometimes but most of the time i don't or dump onsite. Yes i do dump any debris in the dump before i haul mulch or loam. Sometime i will get a dump trailer maybe but i need a second truck too if i want to use both. They are very handy thats for sure. Thanks!
Originally Posted by Bull View Post
Nice looking rig and keep working smart and hard. By the way where did that raccoon get to?
I'm trying. Ahh that was just one of the many figurines at that house. The one beside the base of that tree right.
Originally Posted by HoneyBabe View Post
Nice work on the properties, the trucks and equipment are clean and looking good.Looking forward to more pictures
Thanks, To tell you the truth my rig is one of the better and more professional, well cared for fleets in my area. I hate to come across as always bragging but thats the truth. Many companys here don't have any real care about their image but for others its an important aspect of the company.
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