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At the same time, your clients just invested in a new, larger, more expensive home. They'd be fools to think their cost of living is not going to go up. Since your weekly price stays relatively constant, it is tough to ever bump it up to where it should be if you start too low.

Tell them you'd like to continue to work for them. Their new property is at a higher rate (which they should expect anyways). But since you value the relationship with them so much, you'd like to make them an offer. If you're considering giving them $450.00 a year ($15 x 30 weeks), offer to give them free annual flowers by their front door - or by the driveway entrance each year. Perhaps your retail cost might only be $300.00 - they won't be able to value it in the same dollars and sense way as they could mowing. Now you get referrals to a good looking property, a happy/satisfied customer who thinks they're getting a deal, you're not discounting your core service, or under valuing yourself in the new community, and you've got a foot in the door.
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