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Originally Posted by Lawn Enforcer View Post
Well, you did have a lot better trimmers and blower than most people have when they start out. I had a Ryobi trimmer and a Craftsman blower!
Before that i had a Craftsman trimmer and no blower but since that trimmer only lasted a summer i was smart enought invest in commercial equipment starting then. My first purchase was a RedMax backpack blower which cost $430. I bought it at the end of summer for leaf cleanups. I remember the day my dad stopped at the dealer for me on his way home from work and picked it up. Then for some reason i told a girl at school i had to pay my dad $400 bucks for something he picked up for me and paid with his credit card because i didn't have one. She thought i was crazy and couldn't imagine why i'd be spending $400 bucks on a tool at such a young age. If only she knew where it's taken me, lol.
Originally Posted by Turtle Creek Lawn Care View Post
RedMax Man

In one of your pics. you made a new mulch bed around what looked to be a tree stump, what did you use for that? Brown Bed Edger? Also, I know this will probably sound stupid but... where do you get those small green trash cans from?

I cut that with my Little Wonder walk behind power edger. You can get those trash barrells at Home Depot for $50 each. They are very durable and usefull though. I have 6 of them.
Originally Posted by Youngone07 View Post
that stander is a gift from god!!!!!!! How much did you have to fork over for that beauty?
Yes it was a gift from God. I paid just over 7k plus $199 for the catcher.
Originally Posted by mike33087 View Post
looks good man, you've come along way. its nice to see other younger guys doing well
Thanks, I've noticed you've been expanding steadily.
Originally Posted by tls22 View Post
Matchbox 20 said it best"Lets see how far we've come".....Nice stuff man...keep up the good work!
Yeah i like your way of thinking!
Originally Posted by Elwer Lawn Care View Post
All of you work looks really good! You should be an insperation to most of the young ones on here. Keep up the good work and keep the pictures coming, everyone loves the pictures!
I will keep posting pics, thanks for the compliments.
Originally Posted by N.H.BOY View Post
Oh man---dont start on those green cans there is a thread on here that we must of talked about those green cans for days. I wanted one also and he told me Home Depot..took awhile to find them, but very well worth it. One on the best investments for me anyways. Ive got two. You will be surprised how much you will use them. THANKS AGAIN RedMax Man
Haha yup i'm done discussing trash cans.
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