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10 ways to earn a raise

Here it is- I plan onpassing it out to the guys. It's consistant with the message I've given them in the past, but now it's in writing.
1 Get certified by the New hampshire Landscape Assn.
2 Take responsibility for something bigger than yourself.
3 Do work that earns the company compliments.
4 Get your CDL then pass the drug test.
5 Have perfect atttendance for a few months.
6 Finish jobs ahead of schedule.
7 Keep the trucks, yard, and jobsite spotlessly clean.
8 Get the company a referral.
9 Take a class in something remotely associated with the business. I'll pay for the class.
10 Plan ahead, keep your head in the game, adapt to surprises, stick with it even when you are frustrated...

any feedback?
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