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Originally Posted by RedMax Man View Post

I pay $300 for the year of unlimited amount or truck loads of dumping.

Got the cones from

I see this guy around my area the uses 2 tiny soccer cones its kinda funny... i'd run 'em over before i saw them.
Thats not a bad deal to dump. Thanks I will check northern tool, I need some nice ones, Ya I like the big ones with reflective tape.
Originally Posted by Turtle Creek Lawn Care View Post
Hey guys

I searched on Home Depots wesite tonight and could not find those little green trash cans. Is there a certain name or anything liek that for them?

They are not on their website. They are called the carry barrel. I know in my area they were hard to find, I had to search like 4 different HD's. I believe they are also sold at Lesco and Shemin nurseries.

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