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Re: Starting my lawn business need help from whom ever can answer my questions?

Originally posted by Cashmonysonny
When is the beginning of the season? When Should i post flyers?
How could i get clients from realestate agencies? What are some names that i could call my company? Please help open to any suggestions!!!!!!

Beginning of season? That depends on where you are. The name of your town doesn't tell me anything. The types of grass you'll be cutting will also determine when you would start.

Start the flyers yesterday! The more you get out the better. Start walking the streets putting them out. You need to put of thousands if you want to build a good customer base. You'll get junk calls and good calls. Over time, you'll learn to weedout the junk.

Personnally, I would forget real estate agents. Many times the homeowner is responsible for paying the bill. If they have moved 500 miles away you may never get your money.

Company names should give a description of what you do. I don't think "John's lawn service" is a good name. Be more creative.

Call around about General Liability insurance. Don't work without it.

Start reading everything possible from this site. The amount of info here is staggering. You'll learn more from the members here on this site than you thought possible.

Equipment-Go eXmark. (had to throw that in)

Look over the types of properties you will be mowing. You need to find the right size mower for your situation. eXmark makes all types and sizes.

Now, hit the search button and start reading!
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