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12-2-14 70% Slow Potash % 70 % slow N is awesome in Fla right now. A little slow for some but that would depend on how much recovery (growth) you need & the sand content of the soil.
That said, I'll shock everyone with what I just did. Here in CT we've had a pretty mild winter. As such, our family played baseball several times when the ground should have been frozen & covered in snow.
My neighbor (70+years old) & I share a parcel of turf.
I don't maintain it to the same level as the rest of the lawn. I only recently found out how much of it I own.
My son plays baseball & other activities on it. I do all the cutting & spray it for weeds when needed.
With all the winter activity it had on it this year it's looking pretty worn.
To promote recovery ASAP, I just wacked it with 34-0-0 Ammonium Nitrate @ 1lb/N/M. (Yeah, OK. City & '93 WTC) When predictable cool temperature response is desired, ammoniacal nitrogen is the only way to go. It'll grow allright. But thats what I want it to do. After I've mown it a few times, I'll blast it with Primo, Iron, & a contact fungicide. Near instant, high quality turf before most people have even begun cutting.

The moral: There are plenty of tools out there. Learn which is right for the task at hand. Then use them properly. One size fits all? Not in your dreams. Compromise responsibly when you must. Which is most of the time.

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