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You're missing 1 part of the equation, so an answer cannot be reached.

A few insights:
1.) You are NOT applying this material for agronomic reasons. You're applying it for ECONOMIC reasons.

2.) The analysis numbers are meaningless unless you know HOW MUCH NPK you're applying and HOW MUCH you need.

3.) Are the turf shoots or roots growing? Will they be in 7-10 days?

4.) If not, then your CEC (Cation Exchange Capacity) must be above 15 for this application to do any good.

Since you probably don't know the CEC of each lawn and you do not know what the soil needs, you have no idea if your application is sorely needed or a complete waste of time and money.

Bottom line:
If the grass ain't growing AND you don't have a soil test, WAIT.

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