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15-10-25 w/ IBDU
our soils here lack K and the array of minors average PH is 5.5
I apply for argo and econo reasons ie non irrigated lawns need more spring N because in summer they go dormant But get mowed the rest of the year.
For summer it's a 21-7-14 with formaldehyde urea and PCSCU...
I don't believe in soil tests because my area has a few soils in it and after years you just know, with all our rain and long grow season we don't make that big of a deal over "spring" because we mow in the "winter",too! Once you know your area "averages" save yourself some $$$ and skip the soil tests...
I supplement, liquid Fe8 + Humisolve, over these apps with products that cause allot of top growth, here again our soils are only lacking K and a balanced PH.

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