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Originally Posted by boston9915 View Post
Yeah Trudeau, great work as usual. I ended up cutting in the rain too the day you were helping Tim out. It sucked, but it was 94 the next day so pick your poison. I ended up washing the deck out on the driveway and I think I washed out an entire lawns worth of clippings.

How do the walker and stander handle the rain? I would think the added weight with the walker would be a problem.... I ask because I notice you didn't take it.

Haha did you charge Tim the $500 in gas it took to get from Lowell to Peabody?
The walker has clogged before in the rain but it gets through it ok. The Stander was fine, other then getting alot more dirty and didn't seem to affect it at all. No clumping or bogging down, just kept on cuttin.

I didn't take the walker to his place cuz we wanted to use the stander and he could see how it performed on his properties and my walker isn't as fast as his walker.

He came back to my house the same day and got my walker cuz his wasn't ready yet and he didn't know exactly when it would be and it would be a pain to do every lawn with a tiny 36" mower.

I will get the Walker back tomorrow, monday. hahaha.

Nah i didn't charge him for travel and its really not that far. 15mi, 35 - 45 mins depending on traffic. He did fill the tank on the stander and helped me back in April with a big landscape job free of charge. Its called TEAM WORK not gettin every last penny out so everyone is fair and even all the way.
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