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I must say DVS is completely correct. A lot of guys go out, see a shiny new dump and say thats the one I want without considering tranny, gears, frame, and all that stuff. I see it happen all the time in my area. I see guys driving around in nice new trucks and you know what, if you needed a billboard, something to get attention, well thats what you got and thats all that there good for. I scaled back this year and work part time for a local company. A year or two ago he bought a mason dump, Ford, gas job. Long story short if it was the cutting rig, it would be perfect but no he uses it for installs. If you put more than 2 tons of anything except mulch I would say, grab a shovel. I've never seen anyone waste $30,000 so easily. The dump body wont go up and it passes everything but a gas station. After discussing it with him it was clear he didn't have that much knowledge of trucks and was probably looking for a cheap deal, but I think I coulda spent better money on a 97 Ford Powerstroke with dump body.

Originally Posted by DVS Hardscaper View Post
First of all, let me say I am NOt flaming anyone here.

But to add to what Picasso wrote -

I see so many scapers with trucks that are SO incorrectly's not funny.

My old man used to own a GMC truck dealership in PA many years ago. At that time they were the 7th largest GMC dealership in the United States. Well...back in 1997 I went out on my own and bought a 3500HD stake body with a 12' bed. ON A 5' CAB TO AXLE!!!! I never asked my dad for his opinion on the truck before buying it.

After I bought it he took one look at the truck, and another look at the 12' body, then asked me to get the tape measure. He had me put the tape on the rear corner of the cab and he pulled the tape to the center of the rear axle. He said "DVS, you're going to eat front tires, you have a 12' bed on a 5' cab to axle". I didn't understand what he was talking about and I just blew it off.

Well sure enough! The front tires started cupping!

I see landscape stake bodies all the time with incorrect weight distrubition. Think of the bed as a teeter-totter filled with water. When that bed is filled with water, will all the weight be on the rear axle, lifting the front of the truck up and cupping the front tires, or will all the weight be distrubuted appropriately on both axles???

Landscapers like their locker boxes on their work trucks. But, if all the calculations are not done, those lockers can cause you to eat front tires, as when loaded with soil, sand, or gravel - all the weight will be at the rear of the frame, thus causing the headlights to shine in the tree tops, thus causing the front tires to cup.

I saw a scaper last week in our area driving his new 1 ton dump! Boy I bet he's proud of that truck! The bed was filled with soil, and man, that front end was as high up as it could go!!

There is much more to buying work trucks other than whether it has a diesel or a gasser. So much more than how many yards of mulch you can carry.

Some things to take into consideration are:

- Frame strength. (I'd hate to see our F-650 get in a accident!)

- Transmission Size

- Gear ratio

- Cab to axle measurement. Will the weight be distributed correctly?
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