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I understand completely the point. Just to be clear, I research the hell out of everything before I buy it. It took me probably two months to come to a conclusion on the International chasis....based upon the DT466 history as well as knowledgable mechanics around me familar with the truck = no issues with service.

Ask me when I started how my '02 Chevy 6.0L w/ 4.10 rear and 10,000 lb 10' dump trail was........well it was the perfect setup. Well it is a good setup but was slowing me down for a lack of capacity and along came the International. It went in the shop a couple times and back into action was the Chevy and dump trailer.....what a pain that was especially when trying to immobilize. Well, now the International is totalled and I'm running my backup truck ('04 Chevy 4500) as my primary + my '07 Chevy w/ 16' dump trailer. Yes I can do just about everything as before but it takes two trucks, two drivers and twice the risk. Tasks are completed, but not a smoothly and additional work is required. Can I get by without another International with SNG? Yeah I can but I'm not as efficient and if you're not efficient, you're losing money and if you're losing money you're going out of business and your overhead does not care because it is still there.

Comes down to looking at what you do, seeing what you NEED vs WANT (that is hard sometimes) and acting on it. Also, knowing a good deal when you see it or an opportunity to capitalize on. Do I need stainless on my truck........maybe not but dang if it doesn't look sharp and make me stand out like a sore thumb against my competition. It wasn't until after that truck was lost that I learned how much it was known by people I had never met that were asking me about it etc. People knew the truck and that is what I want in addition to its stand out.
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