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Originally Posted by tjsquickcuts View Post
As a rusty old football player, I think of my business as a football team....I am the head coach, and I am responsible for all wins, and all losses....I need to know offense and defense because if I see something going wrong, I need to know how to fix it even though I have a OC and DC.....If they call a play I dont like, I will change it. But if I have little knowledge, not much I can do but rely on my assistance to win for me, and if we lose if no sweat off their back, they will pack up and move on to the next guy once we have lost enough.....I will be working on my masters in Business Administration this winter and hope to take a few more civil engineer course during the season next year. Me personally, I need to know all phases, because people have ways of getting over on you once they notice you have little knowledge of their Job they will find ways to cheat you. Plus, that more overhead, and more money taken away from me, my wife and my mistress when I find her when I get old an after we have moved to Fla with the rest of the old folks.....lmao....j/k....hope my wife doesnt be sneaking around on this site.....Hope I made some sense, my sunday night football and solo beer party's are starting to blurr my thought process

I haven't finished the thread yet... and a timely late post, but... As the business owner you should not be the 'coach'... rather you should be the person who 'owns the team'... your General Manager is the coach... What coaches own thier own teams?

Read Robert Kiyosaki and Michael Gerber. Very insightful, very helpful.
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