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I know. I thought about going into it, but... #1-I still think it is usable information. #2- I didn't want to re-hijack a thread.

You could say I have "graduated" from his stuff, but I still feel there are some important principles and ideas that are beneficial to apply in business. Cashflow Quadrant being part of that. Also, at the end of many of his books he has good lists of reading from authors other than his own. Those lists alone have guided me to prolly 15 other good reads.

My two suggestions of authors were not end-all-is-all's but rather a start to some paradigm shifts to "owning" and building a business.

Anyways like I said, I have sucked what I want from both those authors and am using it in the way I need, but they do help to get your thinking more ?out of the box?

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