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Originally Posted by RedMax Man View Post

To tell you the truth I mow alot less then some may think. I have 25 accounts now. I lost many this year to customers cutting back to save money or getting a "more affordable service". I'm always working on getting more maintenance accounts while i also do alot of other work besides just mowing like landscaping and cleanups etc. Many have come from referrals and i've passed out flyers, business cards, put out signs and even just knocked on doors. Haven't done any commercial advertising. I'm in a tough area so the accounts don't come easy, alot of competition from other pro's and "hacks" lookn to make a quick buck with customers that only care about a cheap bottom line price and nothing else that comes with it.
How does the knocking on doors do? I was thinking about doing this but I wasnt sure if it was unprofessional or what not and if people would get mad. Which one of the techniques seems to bring the most people in?
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