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Unfortanetly my SST16's steering has been acting up too much lately. I have a friend who bought his within a couple of months of when I purchased mine and his steering is having problems also.......
My steering appears to work but after I change from reverse to moving forward..... the steering goes out completely! After a min. or so of driving slowly, it begins to come back and is able to make tighter turns. Once I pop it in reverse, the steering disappears and I am stuck again.
I am thinking about replacing the switches that others are talking about but my confusion is.... my thought process tells me that a switch is either bad or good. I've had my wife drive while I manually engage the switches (with the aid of a long handle screw driver) and I get no change on how rapidly the steering re-engages to turn moving forward. I'm going to order the switches and springs from a local Deere dealer for about $70 and see if that helps but I will be suprised if it helps. Everyone here seems really helpful so I thought I'd stop by and see if there are other ideas.
I really have to fix this one because my wife is stubborn and when she cuts the grass, I tell her not to put it into reverse but she doesn't listen (are you suprised lol) and when she gets in a tight spot after reverse.......she plows forward with reckless abandon. I know she is going to crash forward into something and of course....... it will be my fault. TABOL
Once I figure out my issues, I can help my friend.

Thanks ahead of time to all here!
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