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pesticide school

:blob4: Is the pesticide school in all states this tough? Went to an all day school this last tuesday for my states pesticide commercial applicators permit. First thing that the university of wisconsin professor said was if you are here for the first time and only studied marginally you will not pass this course, you will be retesting. I'm 45 now and don't ever remember a harder test. I studied for 2 months and still only got an 83% yea I passed but wow. Test time limit was 1 1/2 hours I got done in 1 hour 15 minutes out of 100 people taking the test only 8 or 10 got done before me that means that 90 people were still struggleing thru the test with only 15 minutes left! So the question for you guys is the test equally hard in your state? Or is it just Wisconsin making sure that all the applicators know their stuff. Also does your state really watch to make sure that the people doing it are trained. I know they don't here for every one that is certified probable 6 or 8 aren't and no one checks them or fines them for not being certified. This thread is just to satisfy my curiousity thanks again guys!
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