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Still here

I am still here...wondering where California people are and are doing. Seems like trailer theft in general but mostly in California is not a real problem or thought of seriously until the trailer is gone. I know that was the case for thought until mine was gone. Now I am up to my axles in designs...U.S. Patents...having them produced and the biggest issue of all....trying to sell these locks to people BEFORE they have the issue of ....... My trailer and my equipment is gone.
When my trailer was taken...mind you it was chained to a large tree.... I was livid and hostile and even more so when I reported this crime to Sheriff Department. They took the report and that was the end of their story. Just was no big deal...take the report...answer next call. Have been working on these locks ever since. Picking the actual lock is the weakest part of the whole system but you have got to know what you are doing and am getting ready to make that way of attacking our trailer locks...many times more of an effort. It's going to take time to steal the if the trailer is not hiding or out of sight it is going to be a real effort and game of chance...working on it...staying on it. Ken
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