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I believe that the reasons all the testing and regulations are getting tougher is that pressure from environmental wackos is increasing every year. In Tn., the current pass rate for licensing is only 20%. I've held a Cat. 3 license for over 15 years in this state and have no desire to retake the test but new regulations have required me to get a total of 28 points by October of 2002. I have gone to the classes (where I learned almost nothing new) and have accrued 15 points so maybe I can get the remainder of the points in that time. I have info. from reliable sources that have told me that the our business is being "phased out" and we should possibly look for a new line of work. I was outraged! While I don't look at this as a political forum. I just think this is another example of intrusion in our lives from the left-leaning-tree-hugging socialists. After they have destroyed our industry, it is just a matter of time before they get to the over the counter pesticides and the consumer will be left with no options. We'll all have to live with weeds, pests and diseases in a "natural" environment. Then, the liberals can all feel smug about saving the planet and sit around the camp fire eating granola and singing Kumbaya. Vote Republican and vote often!
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