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Originally Posted by Wideopen View Post
Thank you for clearing that up. Is a stander just a standing ztr? How do u steer it? Sorry for the newb questions.

If you want to think of it that way, I suppose. They are both nimble with hydraulic, turn on a dime, "zero turning radius" manueverability. Standers have hand controls whereas the standard ztr uses more of the arms pushing forward or backward to control direction. Standing over your intended mowing path has so many advantages over walk behinds, and even ztrs in a sense. I own both the zero turn rider, Scag 60" Turf Tiger...and love it...but my favorite mower of choice is the John Deere Quik Trak 48" stander. That's the mower I go to on moderate-sized properties or less. You can really scan the terrain and hug fencelines with ease, circle trees in three seconds, avoid obstacles instantly, "surf" hilly and angular surfaces with a little practice...wouldn't have it any other way. I'd sure like to hear arguments out there from the professional cutters on why you still own the tradition "handlebar" walk behind mower. I'm all ears...

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