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There is nothing more sorry than a Thief!!!!

Some bum made off w/one of my equipment trailers, a 6.5x12 tandem wheel landscaping trailer that I transport my 4 wheeler and golf cart on. The crook was so brazen that they came in my yard and took it when I was at work. Think is my yard is 600 yds deep and the trailer could not be seen from the road. I filed a police report but we all know how that goes. I got to thinking, it takes a thief to catch a thief so being that there's no honor among thieves I am going to turn the tide so to speak. I am going to post fliers locally which will offer a $5K reward for information of the return of the aforementioned trailer and the capture and conviction of thieving bum. I think his buddies will sing. Oh well, had to vent.
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