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Is that 3 Weed-N-Feeds? For the record, if your herbicide of choice was 2,4-D (instead of Confront), you'd be breaking the law. Federal law limits 2,4-D blanket apps to 2 per year. Confront may suffer the same fate with the unusual persistance of clopyralid.

Or is R1 just Dimension on fertilizer?

Most established turf doesn't need 2.25 lbs of P around here but your soils could be different. Either way, turf gets by just fine at 1lb P per year or less in most cases. You may want to save the money & promote the existing turf by only using the starter where seeding & select a good 4-1-2 ratio (20-5-10, 28-5-12, 24-8-15,etc) fert for the Sept & Nov apps. Excessive P can end up in waterways & actually helps to promote vining weeds. It also promotes excessive seed head formation in Poa Anua & older (read lousy) varieties of Kentucky Bluegrass resulting in a poor quality cut in late spring. (remember that white haze all over the lawn?)

Just my thoughts. Hope they help. Now fire away!
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