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I've been selling NOVEX now for 3 years.
I have 2 Full Service LCO customers applying 4 & 5 lbs/N (at one time) respectively & saving the labor. These clients job spec's spell out how much N, but not how many apps. I know, these are special situations, where the every 6-8 weeks "hang an invoice on the hungy lawn" thing doesn't work. On these higher end estates & commercial clients, the whole maint budget is handled on a monthly charge basis, so increased frequency of treatment would have a negative impact on revenue.

I have a few private schools that cannot apply fert during the school year when the fields are in use. Left-winged Liberal New York Hug-A-Tree attitudes here. We apply NOVEX twice per year and still deliver the 4-5lbs of N that the fields require for good in season recovery & performance.

I have another school that uses NOVEX 1 time per year @ 3lbs N. It's the labor budget in his case. I can ship fert there all day. But the man power to apply it just isn't there. Not the best agronomic program, I know, but far better than the alternative.

We treated experimental test plots with EVERY slow release Nitrogen source currently made at rates that ranged from 1-8 Lbs/N/M & evaluated them. At 8 lbs/N, NOVEX plots weren't just the only ones alive, they were the best looking too. The plots were judged by members of the Euoropean Pro Turf market. Results won't be published so take my word for it or not. It's up to you.

The Giants Stadium crew uses NOVEX almost exclusively on the Sand based "Pod System" that hosts the Giants & Jets football, the MetroStars soccer, & numerous Concerts. Revenue last year at Giants Stadium was the 2nd best in the stadiums history. (The prior revenue record was set on astro turf that had to be replaced the following year to the tune of $3mil+) IBDU, Methylene Urea, UF, PolyPlus, & Coron/N-Sure were all used prior to deciding that NOVEX did the best job for them. It's the most heavily used real turf stadium in the country & has the receipts to prove it. The turf is still considered acceptable for play even under these conditions. Other stadiums might look better. But none host as many events & still deliver a good living surface.

IBDU is a nice material, but runs into trouble in that release rate is directly affected by particle size. Since it's water release only, the smaller sized prills required on reelcut turf have more surface area for the water to "work on". Bigger IBDU prills are slower to release, but will get "chopped" by the reel. So they become faster releasing by mechanical destruction, then water release sets in anyway.

Methylene Urea (Nutralene) is much faster than NOVEX with twice the free urea. It also has less ASRN than NOVEX. MU40 is cheap to produce & gets sold pretty high for what it is, so watch the prices come down in the face of a better N souce than it's ever been marketed against before. Meth can be cheaper, but it probably can't be improved to make it better.

UF has too much HWIN to benefit the turf in the same season that it is applied. Yet it still has more free urea than NOVEX. Apply 3-4 lbs of N from UF & watch out for clippings & dying turf. Don't believe me? Try it. I have.

Polymer & Resin coatings could be as good as NOVEX but no one is building coated material in the sizes & release rate paterns that make cost effective sense for turf. Coatings are also subject to destruction when verticutting, which has no impact on NOVEX. Better turf gets verticut, especially if it gets athletic traffic.

Cost vs Performance. Since cost is roughly the same, the superior performance of NOVEX is kicking butt around here.

Sooner or later, we'll release material to the better turf schools for independent review. For now, we must rely on the release patern data (readily available) & our customers testimonmy.

I have first hand experience with the product & have observed, for reasons that are still hypotheotical, a significant reduction in certain fungul diseases. We cannot make claims on this because we haven't any check data to compare to. (in writing anyway) This might prove to be coincidental, but the turf schools may be more helpful than I can be here.

NOVEX will be available later this year (maybe?) in PolyPlus blends for lawncare. Stay tuned!

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