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I am bad and your right. Powdery mildew needs a fungusicide, Insecticidal soap is a fungusicide as well. My second paragraph should of read --------- " It either case scale or powdery mildew, Ultrafine Oil ( and Insecticidal Soap )will cure it. Follow the directions on the bottle."

Insecticidal soap and horticulture oil will cure about 90% of the problems on ornamentals. They act as insecticide, fungusicide, miteicide, bacteriaicide, all rolled into one. In the heat of summer they can be sprayed on at dusk and washed off in the morning. These products are pretty friendly to our environment. Unless you get sprayed in the eyes or soaked with 100% pure, they have little danger to human or animal.

I like to hit my shrubs with Merit and Cleary 3336 about 4 times a year. In a fifty gallon tank I mix one pack of each and 3 quarts of oil. I spray just to the point of run off. Here in the Bug Capital of America we have issue that the north doesn't have. It is still March and on Monday I found Mole cricket nymps. We have had a warm winter and on new accounts I am finding active large grubs. Degree days doesn't work because of our lack of freezes so we must be always looking. As I get older I am starting to be a tree hugger. I am trying my best to go I P M but feel preventive treatment is part of I P M. I am also trying to go back to granular Fertilizer and pesticides because of our sandy soil. Liquids leach to fast and cause problems with mother nature. I P M takes more work so it is a trade off on chemical cost. Less Chemicals but more expensive chemicals. No I am not trying to be chemical free just chemical responible. No I am far from it now but get a little closer each day.

it is one thing to do a off label applications. It is total stupidity to post it on the world wide web and expect people to approve.

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