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One Stop Shopping

Marvelous Gardens

I started in this business as a part time lawn boy for pin money. After a Nice divorce, I was pinned for money and started to build a Real Business. With each service addition I grew by leaps and bounds with the lack of Employees being the big limiting factor. Finally I made the Hispanic connection and my employee problems were over.

Having Irrigation & Pesticide License puts you 3 steps above the competition and in fact give you no competition. In my state because these License are so hard to get, Only Valley Crest and companies their size have all the licenses. By finding that Niche market in between Valley Crest type huge commercial accounts and Mow & Go accounts is where the money is. These are the up scale residential and smaller commercial properties. In my case this market segment has shown little or no slow down because of the present economy like working class neighbors. It was the One Stop Shopping of a multi service company that sells to that up scale clientèle. Besides Mowing and shrub trimming which was my original Horizontal Market, I vertically marketed Irrigation adjustment 4 times a years and 14 step Fert & pest. All of this was Reoccurring Revenue. I also got into landscaping by first up selling plant replacement and then total landscape packages including drip irrigation and Landscape lighting.

Sod replacement was another vertical market that paid very good. A Sod replacement customer became a full service mowing, Pest, and Irrigation customers. The Cross over of customers from a Vertical market to vertical market gives a even broader Horizontal Market. I just purchased a run down Retail nursery when Hurricane Charlie hit. Had I not hit burn out from all the stress of that event along with other things, I am sure the nursery would have quadruped my business. As it was I sold out and semi retired. But the speed at which my business grew was amazing because of multiply services offered. Of course there are always problem when trying to do many different things. I had some help from many different people. But My main job became going to school to get all the different licenses, for many years.

it is one thing to do a off label applications. It is total stupidity to post it on the world wide web and expect people to approve.

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