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Honestly if you cant get football off the field your pretty much killing yourself .

let me guess all the worst areas are between the hash marks ?

I just spent last weekend with 5 guys doing divot repair on our Main Field which ony see Soccer and nothing else 20 yds of topsoil 200 lbs of seed and 8 hours (and a few beers for good measure ) we removed all equipment from the field and locked the gate . We would have done this earlier but we just finished up for the spring , Hosting the USASA Region 1 Finals . You might be better off seeing if there is a possibility of creating another field for the soccer program.... just by the nature of football the field is going to get torn up by mid season .... and playing soccer on a big bumpy field is horrible . to play and to watch . I feel your pain I also Coach and Still Play .

silly question why are you guys using rye grass in southern california ? I thought rye was a "Northern " turf . we are in PA just north of Philly We hit our fields with rye in the spring and 50 rye 50 blue mix in the fall . and when ever we can and there is money available we broadcast seed the hardest hit areas ....

As for the sprinkler problems .... Sprinkler repairs are not hard .... Ask your maintenance guy if he can walk you through repairs ..... he might be glad to have someone help him out ....

ALSO ..... ARERATE AERATE AERATE especially the middle of the field !

just my thoughts I feel your pain !
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