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We own the patent on the molecule as well as several manufacturing process patents. The analysis I most frequently sell is:

Guaranteed Analysis
1.8% Ammoniacal N
3.2% Urea N
8.6% Water Insoluble N*
5.4% Water Soluble Controlled Release N*
19% Total N
2% Available Phosphate P2O5
19% Soluble Potash K2O
13% Sulfur Combined
2.5% Iron Total
1.7% Iron Soluble

Derived from: Aminoureaformaldehyde, Urea, Ammonium Sulfate, Sulfate of Potash, Iron Oxide, Iron Sulfate, Methylene Urea Ammonium Phosphate.

14% Slowly Available Nitrogen from Aminoureaformaldehyde, Methyldiurea and Dimethylenetriurea.

The N breakdown results in 48% Water soluble controlled release N, 28% Hot water Soluble N, & only 16% Hot water Insoluble N, & 8% Free urea.

Based on the complete nitrogen profile alone, it should come as no surprise that while some of the resulting N compounds are similar to currently available forms, NOVEX does represent the first honestly new source of Nitrogen to be developed in many years. The matrix technology allows for ALL the elements to be controlled in a homogeneous prill. Like many other ammoniated materials, there have been issues with elemental disbursion. Yet as our sources for raw materials have come in line & the process has been perfected, the resulting material today is exactly what we intended to engineer.

The 73% Total Controlled Release Nitrogen (TCRN) represents a big step forward for reacted Urea forms of slow release Nitrogen. Nutralene (methylene urea) is second best at 68% TCRN but with 7% more free urea. Nutraform (urea formaldehyde) is much worse at only 56% TCRN. Free urea is greater at 12%. But HWIN is awful at 42%.

The upcoming PolyVex will be a blended material not unlike the blends we see today with little blue & green chips in it. But I doubt we'll waste any money adding pretty colors to the NOVEX since the colors are a pointless marketing tool only. The cost is in the manufacturing processes. They are excrutiatingly slow & exacting. Adding anything that's not needed wouldn't add any value.

I can ship this for special order situations.

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