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Well, I replaced both steering switches and springs.
I made sure to mark the switch position with a Sharpie to make sure they were in the same place when I put it back together.
I fired it up and I turned the steering wheel to the right and the SST shot in the left direction!!!!!
I tried adjusting the switches in both directions and it seemed a little better but occasionally when I start from a dead stop and turn the wheel
to eiter the left or the right, it goes the opposite direction. There is no way I could have wired it wrong due to wire lengths and I made a drawing of connections prior to disconnecting. It is intermittent and it still takes a while in the forward direction to get the steering to work at all.
Revers is still fine though................

Reverse is working fine........ forward is now worse than before.

I'll take a look at the vacuume lines next but the SST works fine in reverse.
I feel dumb as a tree stump.

Sorry for the repost but the site wouldn't allow changes after 10 mins.
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